Our software makes ordering a breeze!

Just open the software, choose your products, choose your images, then upload!

Available for PC and Mac, you can download our software here

Use this screen to choose a product. Your most frequently used sizes for canvases, frames and glassless will also be listed to make ordering easier.


For Canvases, Frames, Multis, and Glassless screens, you can click to browse and add an image. Once added, you can scroll to zoom and click and drag to pan the image.

On the canvases screen, you can type in a new size, choose the type of finish, and choose the wrap type. The colour of both the top and bottom wrap can be chosen, this is handy if you don’t want a part of a body or head to wrap around the canvas. If you choose the “Framed” wrap type, you can also choose the frame style.


On the frames screen, you can type in a new size, and choose your frame style. Mat thickness and colour can be changed. Choosing “Floating” will enable the torn edge option.


On the Multis screen, you can change each image individually. Frame type, mat colour and glass type can also be changed. Choosing “Floating” will enable the torn edge option for each image.


On the Glassless screen, size and frame type can also be changed. You can also change the finish.


On the Mounts screen, you can click each mount to add an image or you can leave them with no images if you want blank mounts. If you do add an image, you can select the type of print you prefer.


When you click on “Continue”, you will see the Shopping Cart screen. On this screen, you choose your shipping details. You can add your clients address if you would like to ship some of your order directly to them. Items on the right can be changed to each address you add.


The payment screen gives you payment options. Once you have chosen your preferred payment method, you can complete the order. Your images will be uploaded to us and you should receive a confirmation email once it’s finished.