Canvases are a classic way to accentuate the beauty of your work through texture, depth and dimension. Whether you have captured the twinkling eyes of newlyweds or the smiles of children, your photography comes alive on canvas.

A canvas will quickly become a centrepiece of your client’s home or space, so quality is key for happy clients and word-of-mouth business.

What makes our canvases different?

  • Tested to last 100+ years
    We believe in creating unforgettable canvases that retain their premium look today, tomorrow, and for years to come. All our canvases are coated with a UV-blocking laminate to ensure superior durability on your work. Your canvas also comes with a 100-year warranty against fading.
  • Made from premium materials and printed with trusted inks
    All our canvases are made from a 395gsm cotton and polyester blend, and are printed using genuine Epson inks. The result is a vibrant, eye-catching display that captures the true essence of your client’s favourite memories.
  • Ready to hang
    Solidify your professionalism by enabling your clients to enjoy your work as soon as they receive it. Our canvases are delivered ready to hang from the moment they are unboxed, with a wire on the reverse and finished with framers tape.
  • Studio sample discounts
    Interested in purchasing a canvas to display in your studio? With 40% off samples on our canvas orders, you can fit out your studio with timeless pieces your clients will want to purchase for themselves.

Ready to see what your photos could look like on a custom Product Place canvas? You can get started today by signing up and downloading our ordering app. Just choose a finish and wrap type, upload your image and let us bring your ideas to life!

Our canvases are available in a range of different sizes, including custom dimensions that you can specify through our free ordering app. Please don’t hesitate to enquire with our expert team if you have a specific project in mind.


At Product Place, we also offer premium built-to-order frames to complement your canvases. Our frames are crafted to your specifications by our experienced artisans, leaving your clients with quality they will cherish forever.

All our frames can also be ordered through our free app, where you can enter the size you’re after, as well as mouldings, glass types and other aesthetic details.