Frames are a luxurious way to protect and display your photographs, and can play a large role in home decor and interior design. Every one of our frames is lovingly crafted by artisans in our workshop.

You can get started on creating your custom-made frame today by signing up and downloading our ordering app, or contact us if you have any questions.

Customising your frame

At Product Place, the quality is in the details. Through our ordering app, you have full creative freedom to customise your frame’s moulding, glass and mounting, with standard and premium options available to suit every client’s vision.


  • Standard
    Our minimalistic modern classics range, available in black and white and with varying widths and depths.
  • Premium
    Take your pick from modern natural oaks, traditional colonial mouldings or shabby chic.

Glass types

  • Standard glass
  • Anti-reflective glass
    Our anti-reflective glass makes unobstructed viewing easy from all angles. We’ve even had customers mistake our anti-reflective glass for a glassless frame!


  • Traditional mounting
  • Floating
    Add a rustic touch to your framed print with our deckled edge option, skillfully hand-torn and professionally mounted to achieve the ‘floating’ aesthetic.

Multiple apertures (multis)

Wanting to upsell extra images by capturing multiple apertures within a single frame? We’ve got you covered with our multis. Explore our standard options, as well as full integration with ‘On the Wall’ within our ordering app for more customised choices.

How do our framed prints work?

All our prints are on archival matte paper. It’s tested to last and strongly complements every rich colour and detail of your photographs to impeccable detail. Our prints are framed in your custom dimensions, in acid-free matting, and with the moulding and glass of your choice.


Are your clients looking for a gallery-style option? Our glassless framed prints are a great alternative to traditional frames. We mount and frame your photograph without matting or glass, and can either print on fine, archival paper and then cold matte laminate, or print on UV-coated canvas.

Our small glassless framed prints, built with a deep frame and no wire, also make for wonderful desk mounts or gifts.

Through our ordering app, you can also customise a moulding for your glassless print from our Standard or Premium ranges.

Three reasons why our customers love our glassless framed prints

  • Long lasting and easy to care for
    Lamination ensures the photograph is well-protected from mould, dust and debris. It is also safe to wipe glassless prints directly on the print surface.
  • Non-reflective and non-glossy
    Our matte laminated prints are non-reflective, giving them a luxury appearance without obstructed viewing.
  • Displays well in any space
    Our glassless framed prints are lightweight, with the option of adding a backing wire for easy hanging. Our smaller framed prints also do not require any additional support accessories, thanks to the self-supporting nature of our frames.