Accessories help you add the finishing details to your work before delivering it to your clients or displaying it in your gallery space.

From wooden easels to handy adhesive dots, our ordering app has everything you need to present and deliver your work in a professional, polished manner.

Explore our range of accessories


Looking to display a single matted print? Choose your signature shot or your client’s favourite image for display on our mini wooden easels. Easels sit well on desks or shelving, and can work well as gifts or studio displays.

Our easels are available in either bamboo or a white gloss finish. They are lightweight and they support both portrait and landscape presentation. Our easels come in one size, but are suitable for a wide variety of mount sizes.

Clear plastic sleeves

Available in a variety of sizes, our clear plastic sleeves are designed to fit your mounts perfectly and protect them from scratches, dust and humidity throughout transportation. They can also be used to professionally package your mounts if your client wants to use their own method of display. They are resealable and come in a pack of 30.

Adhesive dots

Permanently secure your prints to the frame mount with our adhesive dots, available in a pack of 30. Easy to place yet sturdy and hidden, adhesive dots help keep your print perfectly aligned without sliding around in the mount.

To apply, simply attach the dots to your mount, peel off the plastic film, carefully slide your print into the mount and apply pressure on the adhesive areas to secure.

Double-sided tape

Secure prints to mounts or albums with our multipurpose double-sided tape. Tested for quality by our professional photographers with years of experience, our double-sided tape is a must-have in every photographer’s toolkit. Our tape rolls are available in 1cm x 50m.

Slip guides

Our plastic slip guides make it easy to smoothly insert your prints into a mount. Simply align the slip guide with the edge of the print and edge it under your mount for crease-free placement.

If you’d like to learn more about our accessories or you’d like to know if we will stock something you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.