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Why our customers love ordering through our app

  • Takes the guesswork out of your online order
    It can be frustrating to place an online order for frames or canvases without knowing how they will turn out once your photographs are added. Luckily, our software updates previews in real time, so you’ll know exactly what the finished product will look like.
  • Easy to enter your specifications
    Our products are made to order, so many aspects of your desired products can be customised. Whether you need a custom-sized frame or you want to adjust the wrap of your image on the canvas, it’s quick and easy through our app. Plus, our app saves your frequently-used frame and canvas sizes to make repeat purchases even easier.
  • Order, customise and pay within the same platform
    No need to jump back and forth between different pages. Our app has streamlined the ordering and delivery process so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Need help with ordering?

We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to place your custom order through our ordering app. Otherwise, feel free to contact us with any queries you encounter through the ordering process.