A mount is a great alternative to loose prints, which can get easily damaged. Built for durability, the sleek design of our mounts complements any photograph and can be used to display your client’s favourite photographs from the shoot.

Our mounts are available in standard and custom sizing and will fit into standard frames.

Why choose our mounts?

  • Sturdy backing to prevent warping
    Our mounts are made from premium materials so that they preserve your photographs to their highest standard. All our mounts feature a sturdy screenboard backing. This ensures that when you stick down your print, the mount will not bend easily, thereby protecting your photograph against warping over time.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes, colours and styles
    Know exactly what mount size you’re after? Through our ordering app, you can browse our pre-set mount sizes to find what you’re looking for, or enter in your own dimensions for custom sizing.

    You can choose to have your mount with or without a print (available in standard or art paper). If you select no print, you can also select a pre-assembled option with one side open, or a self-assemble option, with one side taped down and two sides equipped with tape ready to peel off.

    Available colour combinations for our mounts include classic all white, white with a black core, or modern black with a white core.

    You can also opt to add a v-groove to your mount as an accent. The v-groove is a small cut around the inner edging of your mat board that adds depth and detail to your mount.

  • Match with all the right accessories
    We offer all the accessories and tools you need to frame your photographs. Through our app, you can add adhesive dots to secure the print to the mount. You can also add a protective plastic sleeve for your loose prints to ensure they are safe from moisture, debris and scratches, or a slip guide to help you insert the print into the mount.

What print size do I need for my mount?

Our ordering app takes the confusion out of ordering a mount. Rather than manually calculating sizes for your mounts and prints, simply follow the steps below in our app.

  1. Choose your ideal mount size from our options or enter your custom dimensions.
  2. Our app will automatically filter out the incompatible print sizes for preset mounts, leaving you with all the print sizes that fit in your desired mount.

If you’ve got any questions about mounts, contact us for friendly and quick assistance on your order.